Recording, editing and sound identity for podcasts.
For companies and content creators.

Positiv App

In-studio recording, production of original vignette and soundtrack curation.

Minuto Indie

Remote recording, production of original vignette and soundtrack curation.




Before you start recording, there are a few things you should prepare for your podcast, such as a theme, name, format (interview, talkshow, etc), periodicity (weekly, monthly episodes), tone of voice, visual identity, and scripts/drafts for the episodes. 


We have a personalised studio for podcast recordings with professional acoustics and equipment. 

Remote Production


An alternative is to record remotely using a laptop and an USB microfone. In this case, we provide technical assistance with the recording, including a soundcheck. 

Post-production (editing, mixing e mastering)


We remove unnecessary material and make your podcast more fluid with high-quality sound.

Sound Identity

The opening vignette is the face of every great podcast. We create this introduction customised for your show. And if there is a specific mood for each episode, we curate a selection of soundtracks.


We distribute your podcast to the main streaming platforms.


Pricing varies according to the duration, number of participants and periodicity.

For example:

One episode of up to 40 minutes long with 3 participants, including production and post-production, costs R$ 600.

For extras, such as video recording and creating a sound identity for your podcast, get in touch with us so we can send you a budget for your project.

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