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Wellness and meditation app


In-studio recording, production of original vignette and soundtrack curation.

Minuto Indie

Podcast about music trends


Remote recording, production of original vignette and soundtrack curation.

How it works


Before you start recording, there are a few things you should prepare for your podcast, such as a theme, name, format (interview, talk show, etc.), frequency (weekly, monthly episodes), tone of voice, visual identity, and scripts/drafts for the episodes. 


We have a personalized studio for podcast recordings with professional acoustics and equipment. 

Remote Production


An alternative is to record remotely using a laptop and a USB microphone. In this case, we provide technical assistance with the recording, including a soundcheck. 


(edit, mix and master)


We remove unnecessary material and make your podcast more fluid with high-quality sound.

Sound Identity

The opening vignette is the face of every great podcast. We create this introduction customized for your show. And if there is a specific mood for each episode, we curate a selection of soundtracks.


We distribute your podcast to the main streaming platforms.